Information for All Vendors

Revised March 2017

Thanks for your interest in selling with Jonesborough Locally Grown! 

Here you will find:  
Essential Market Information for all Vendors
Process for Becoming a vendor
2017 Fees and links to market rules
Staff and Board Information

Essential Market Information

Jonesborough Locally Grown (JLG) connects farmers, food and the community.  We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

Our vision
  •         Local food producers thrive and expand
  •         Consumers seek out farm fresh food
  •         Education and community events build strong partnerships between farmers and    consumers

Our values
  •      Community: building relationships surrounding locally-sourced foods
  •          Authenticity & Transparency: Markets that directly connect growers to consumers     with complete information about production methods
  •          Nourishment: access to fresh, local foods as a foundation for better health 

The markets organized by JLG are the Saturday Jonesborough Farmers Market (May - October), Saturday Holiday Market (Nov - Dec) and the Boone Street Market (year round store). We also offer a community commercial kitchen space for the creation of value-added products in the Boone Street Market building.

Our educational projects include our website farm listings and ‘know your farmer’ campaign to help consumers understand farmers’ growing practices, our 100 Mile Dinners and our annual Farm to Table dinner which showcase locally grown food, farm visits and best practices workshops, kitchen safety workshops, and cooking classes.

JLG is governed by a 9 member Board of Directors who set policy and programs, establish rules and fees, promote the markets, fundraise, and employ staff, committees and advisors as needed to achieve JLG’s objectives.

Community and vendor volunteers are critical to the operation of all JLG activities. The Saturday  Jonesborough Farmers Market was founded by volunteers and entirely volunteer-run for 5 years. Community and vendor volunteers help with the set-up and take-down of the Saturday Market, staff the Saturday Market information booth, coordinate the Farm to Table dinner fundraiser, serve as cashiers at the Boone Street Market, and much more. Ask any Market Manager for information about volunteering.

Producer-Vendor Requirement
To sell at JLG markets, the vendor must be the actual producing individual. No reselling of any kind is allowed and infractions will result in dismissal from the market. With permission of the Market Manager, someone closely connected to the producer may be the vendor at the Saturday Market (such as an employee of the producing individual’s farm, or another member of the Saturday Market.)

Permitted Products
All items sold must be produced within 100 miles of Jonesborough, TN and include:
          Produce, fruits, vegetables, and animal products.
          Prepared foods (such as cheeses, homemade baked goods, honey, jams, jellies and canned foods) are acceptable if they are locally produced by the vendor and are made in a certified kitchen.  Though the state regulations allow home-made goods at farmers markets, JLG requires certified kitchens for safety reasons. Vendors must provide current copies of Health Department or Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) inspections/certifications to the Market Manager prior to selling at any JLG market.
          Meats must be processed in a USDA inspected facility and have a TDA stamp. Vendors must provide current copies of Meat Handler’s licenses prior to selling at any JLG market. Priority is given to locally raised animals - raised from weaning or bred on farm.
          Crafts sales may be permitted at the Saturday Market or Holiday Market with advance approval by the Market Manager. All craft sales require a separate craft vendor application.
          Plants and flowers may be sold at the Saturday Market or Holiday Market.
          Sales space for any item may be limited at the discretion of the Market Manager.

Useful information for farmers market vendors:

Becoming a Vendor

      1.   Application Process
All vendors are required to read the producer rules for the market (links below), complete an application, provide copies of all licenses, permits and inspections/certifications and pay vendor fees prior to selling at any JLG market. Applications are available by mail, email or in person at either the Saturday Market or the Boone Street Market from the Market Manager. Applications must be reviewed by a Market Manager prior to the vendor selling at any market to ensure the JLG requirements have been met.

      2.   Farm Visit
A farm visit is required for all vendors. Representatives of the market management visit each farm in order to better know each vendor and their operation, and to ensure that all vendors meet JLG market standards. Because all of our market managers want to get to know you and your operation, vendors selling at Boone Street Market and the Saturday Market may be visited by both managers. At the Market Manager’s discretion, a vendor may be allowed to sell at one market before the farm is visited. It is preferred that the farm visit take place prior to selling at any JLG market.

      3.   Licenses, Inspections/Certifications, Permits and Taxes
          All vendors selling through JLG markets must comply with all applicable Federal, State, and Local ordinances, including Health Department and Department of Agriculture regulations.
          Vendors must provide current copies of Health Department and Department of Agriculture licenses, inspections/certificates and permits prior to selling at any JLG market.
          The collection and filing of all related taxes is the responsibility of the vendor.

      4.   Guidelines for Product Labeling and Quality
            The following definitions are labels recommended by JLG to help growers uniformly        
            describe their practices to customers:
          Traditional: Term for growing practices that use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.
          No Pesticides/Chemicals: Term for practices that grow without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides but do not follow any certification program.
          Organic: Proprietary word for the USDA Certified Organic Program. This term may be used by vendors selling under $5,000 per year in products AND following all National Organic Program standards. Certified Organic vendors must have their current permit on file with the Market Manager.
          Certified Naturally Grown (CNG): CNG is a proprietary phrase. CNG follows National Organic Program standards but is administered by farmers, not the USDA. CNG vendors must have their current certification on file with the Market Manager.

      5.   Quality

Customer satisfaction is what keeps the market going!  In the event that a market manager receives a customer complaint, the vendor will be notified to replace the product or work out a solution.  At the discretion of the Market Manager, low quality produce may be required to be removed from display or marked “second quality produce”.

2017 Fees and links to market rules 

Saturday Farmers Market:                 

$100    Complete 24 week season paid in advance                                                       
$ 10     Daily Market Fee * 
(NOTE:  New vendors wanting to try the market may pay a daily rate for up to 4 weeks and then apply those daily payments to a season membership).                                               
$ 50     Rotating Craft Booth (per 6 Saturdays)

For specific Saturday Farmers market rules and application, please see:  
Jonesborough Farmers Market Producer Rules

Boone Street Market Consignment Vendor
$25      Application fee (one time fee)
$5  vendor membership paid monthly plus 20% of sales

Selling wholesale to the Boone Street Market is possible at the discretion of the Market Manager.

For specific Boone Street Market producer rules and application, please see: 
Boone Street Market Producer Rules  

Staff and Board Contact Information

Board of Directors
            Dana York, Board Chair,
            Skip Jones, Vice Chair,
            Pat Sheets, Secretary
            Connie Seehoffer, Treasurer
            Curtis Buchanan
            Gary Burkett
            Reece Barringer
            Lexy Close
            Shelley Crows

Jonesborough Locally Grown Executive Director
            Karen Childress

Saturday Market Coordinator
            Erin Giebner

Saturday Market On-Site Managers & Set-up
 Kari Simmons, Reece Barringer, Beth Finnegan, Mike Heiney


Boone Street Market Coordinator
Ashley Cavender & Erin Giebner

Boone Street Market Chef
Seelye Coombs